EMDR therapy
EMDR Therapy


“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become”  

Carl Jung


  • Are you having flashbacks or symptoms of PTSD?
  •  Feeling keyed up or numbed out?
  •  Nightmares, avoiding people or situations that may trigger anxiety?
  •  You don't understand why you feel angry, unloved or disrespected in your relationships?
  •  Or why substances and compulsive behavior are running your life?

 My experience is in the treatment of anxiety, trauma and addictions and I offer a variety of therapies including EMDR to release negativity and allow you to grow to your fullest potential.


I’m Kate Becker, an L.C.S.W. in private practice in the beautiful New England town of Glastonbury, Connecticut.  I can appreciate that it’s not easy or much fun seeking therapy or asking for help.  I find it rewarding helping people navigate through P.T.S.D., anxiety, depression, trauma and life transitions including adolescence, parenting, divorce, grief/loss and aging issues. I want to help you with whatever it is you are struggling with and guide you to open the door to your life of contentment and happiness.