EMDR therapy
EMDR Therapy


Since 1993

Kate is not accepting new clients at this time.

Psychotherapy offers a safe space to support a sincere, direct and authentic understanding of yourself. Bridging the thinking brain, the emotions of the heart, and the intuition of the gut into alignment creates a sense of harmony within our whole being. A harmonious body, mind and spirit provides the foundation and catalyst for growth. It is in this harmony that the relationship to self is healed.

I will provide a comfortable and non-judgmental refuge for you to identify and understand your struggles and strengths, and to engage in exploration of your goals. My style is empathic, attentive, and straightforward. I would like to help you to remember your past without emotional distress, live in the present fully, and plan for a future that is filled with hope.

Being vulnerable takes courage and is a necessary aspect of psychotherapy. I like to go beyond talk therapy by connecting with your subconscious which can mean getting out of your comfort zone. For psychotherapy to be fruitful, the ability to be vulnerable is important. Discovering and befriending the different aspects of yourself takes courage but is well worth it. I assist people to connect with the voice of their emotions, the story of their body, and the knowledge of their spiritual self.

My specialties include:
- Trauma including physical, sexual and emotional abuse
- Anxiety and depression
- Co-dependency
- Emotional intimacy
- Discrimination and oppression
- Integration therapy for entheogens and psychedelics
- Sexuality