Addiction/Compulsive Behavior

Do you need to get into recovery or reduce your substance use or compulsive behavior?


Do you need more support now that you’ve completed treatment?

Do you need more help and support in addition to your self help program?


Some people don’t like the 12 step programs, or need something in addition to the 12 steps.  Do you want to make a commitment to yourself and stick with a recovery plan?  

It’s very hard to do that alone and I’ll try to help you increase your motivation and commitment to a long term plan.  You need structure, guidance and support.  I like to help people find their strength and hold them accountable to their goals.

Do you have a loved one struggling with addiction?                

You need support as well.


Family members suffer.   You are powerless to change another person’s behavior but you feel guilty like you should be doing more.  It’s tremendously painful to love someone actively abusing substances or engaging in compulsive behavior like gambling.  I can’t tell you what to do, but we can work together to help you find relief from your feelings of stress and how to manage your relationship.