Kate is a facilitator at:

Atman Retreat

Safe, Legal Psilocybin Experiences in Jamaica




"The retreat was fantastic! The facilitators were experienced and provided amazing support before, during, and after the session. The journey itself was a truly amazing experience in every respect. The facilitators did an amazing job of helping me feel completely safe throughout the session... they seemed to be very intuitive about anticipating my needs. They were calm, supportive and gentle, occasionally nudging me toward (or suggesting) a realization. I felt the awe and wonder of a child when watching wildlife, and I felt like I could see the beauty of a soul and the beauty of all life, however imperfect. These feelings were overpowering at times, but intensely positive."

Alice, Atman Retreat, 2019


"I had an amazing time. It greatly exceeded my expectations. The location, team, staff and participants were amazing. The ceremony was so transformative for me. The people/group was so special."

Stephanie, Atman Retreat 2019